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From Missouri Conservationist: Nov 2014

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Clean, Drain, Dry

I am going to the Branson area and taking my canoe. I know for most lakes and streams there’s a recommended time frame you should wait before putting the canoe in another lake or stream to prevent transfer of invasive species. Since Table Rock Lake and Lake Taneycomo are connected, does this still apply? Are there any rules or recommendations?

Janelle Rae, via Facebook

Conservation Dept.: Remember CLEAN, DRAIN, DRY. Clean by removing all plants, animals, and mud and thoroughly wash all equipment, especially in crevices and other hidden areas. If your boat or equipment was used in infested waters, or if you found any attached adult mussels, use a HOT (104-degree) water spray. Drain by eliminating all water before leaving the area, including livewells and transom wells. Dry by allowing sufficient time for your boat to completely dry before launching in other waters. Here is a link to more information: mdc.mo.gov/node/4681.

Words From the Wise

I want to tell you how much I appreciate receiving the Missouri Conservationist each month. I have been receiving it for nearly 40 years.

In the summer of 1975, I was a part of the Youth Conservation Corps along with five other youth in Callaway County. Our supervisor encouraged each of us to take a free subscription to your magazine, and I have enjoyed it ever since.

That summer of YCC, I really developed an appreciation of Missouri outdoors. Our group worked on both Missouri Department of Conservation and U.S. Forest Service land. We built and maintained hiking trails, planted wildlife food plots, picked up trash, built turnstiles, started the renovation of an abandoned log cabin, and many other projects. We also did some just-for-fun activities like swimming and spelunking.

None of us knew each other before that summer, but my cohort, Janelle, Tammy, Dennis, Keith, Nathan, and I, developed great friendships for the summer. Nathan and I continued our friendship past YCC, and he has been my husband for 32 years! We both appreciate the knowledge of Missouri’s plants and wildlife that we gained that summer.

I encourage Missouri teens to volunteer in our parks and conservation centers. I also recommend a subscription to the Missouri Conservationist, a wonderful magazine.

Pat Carrington, St. Peters

Hunting Q&A

Does Missouri have a regulation concerning minimum draw weight for archery hunting deer and/or turkey?

Scott Marcee, via Facebook

Conservation Dept.: There is no minimum draw weight for archery hunting. How do I find out who the local game warden is for my area?

Joel T. Self, via Facebook

Conservation Dept.: Visit our homepage at mdc.mo.gov and search by county under “Local Contact” or call your Regional Office.

I know we can do the apprentice hunting for rifle. Is it the same with bow hunting?

Michael Brattin, via Facebook

Conservation Dept.: The apprentice hunter program applies to hunting with firearms because you are required to have hunter education certification to hunt with firearms, unless you are exempt for some reason. You are not required to have hunter education for bow hunting, although we strongly encourage it. Here is a link to more information: mdc.mo.gov/node/10054.

Reader Photo

Owl Just Rest Awhile

Barbara Bazzle captured this picture of a barred owl in her backyard in Wentzville. Bazzle said she and her husband enjoy bird watching and they keep a variety of feeders and a birdbath in their backyard year-round. She has seen many birds in her yard, but this was her first owl. “I got my love of birds from my father,” said Bazzle. “He always had bird feeders and a bird bath in the backyard when I was growing up.” Her photography hobby came from her mother who loved to take pictures and enter photo contests. “I mostly take pictures of wildlife and nature,” said Bazzle, “but, as a new grandma, I have added taking pictures of my grandson!”

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