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From Missouri Conservationist: Jun 2014

Sixteen-year-old Chandler Doughten, of Jackson, was introduced to custom longbow making at a workshop held at the Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center. Doughten’s instructor was Department of Conservation employee A.J. Hendershott. “I’ve always been interested in conservation, so my mom put me on the mailing list for the local nature center,” said Doughten. “I saw the bow making class and decided to attend. I was instantly mesmerized by what A.J. taught.” I am conservation 06-2014Hendershott said that making a bow is no easy task. “Some teens struggle with the physical aspects of the project,” he said. “However, Chandler forged ahead, asking questions and applying what he was taught. He made a great bow.” Doughten makes both longbows and recurve bows using all types of wood, many harvested from his family’s property. “Each piece of wood has a different character,” said Doughten, “and takes various amounts of time and types of work to make a good, functional bow.” The Jackson High School sophomore has also become involved in other primitive crafts and skills, such as flint knapping, hide tanning, weaving, and tool construction. Hendershott said it takes a lot of dedication to achieve what Doughten has at such a young age. “When I see how excited he is to learn, it inspires me to do the same and expand my horizons even further,” said Hendershott. When he graduates from high school, Doughten plans to attend a college with a good conservation program. “If A.J. is ready to retire, I’ll apply for his job!” he said.

—photograph by David Stonner

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