MDC and Kansas City partnering for managed archery deer hunts

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Kansas City, Mo. – Bowhunters can apply now through Sept. 15 for archery managed deer hunts in selected portions of some Kansas City parks with large natural areas. The hunts are a partnership between the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department. These hunts provide hunting opportunities for bowhunters and help manage deer populations in urban areas.

Without management, white-tailed deer in urban areas can become over-populated. Their browsing can damage native plant and tree habitat. Too many deer also increase the potential for deer-vehicle accidents on busy roads in urban areas.

With managed hunts, bowhunters get the opportunity to harvest deer and utilize venison while also helping to manage the deer population. The hunts are held in portions of large forest or woodland habitats. Hunting is not done near trails, roadways, or play areas that are frequently used by park visitors.

Kansas City parks with managed archery hunts include:

  • Mark McHenry Park
  • Riverfront Park
  • Hodge Park
  • Swope Park
  • Pleasant Valley Park
  • Jerry Smith Park
  • Buckeye Greenway
  • Hidden Valley Park

Deer taken during managed hunts will count toward the hunter’s normal regular season bag limit. For more information or to apply for an archery managed deer hunt, visit Kansas City Parks Archery Managed Deer Hunts | Missouri Department of Conservation (