Celebrate National Days Outdoors in June

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May 30, 2021

If you're looking to feel connected or for a new family activity, try some adventures this month with a broader theme.

June is National Outdoors Month and the 20th signals the first day of summer. There are lots of great national days that you can celebrate outdoors locally in June. On the first, try planting your feet in the earth for National Go Barefoot Day. The first Saturday kicks off with National Trails day on June 5th. Join the largest celebration of trails with some hiking, biking, or birdwatching. It's also National Prairie Day and a good time to enjoy America’s original landscape. The colorful blooms and birds among the tall grass will inspire and offer great photo ops. For a closer to home activity, try National Gardening Exercise Day on June 6th. Gardening works all your muscle groups. Planting native plants adds variety and helps pollinators and native species.

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The second Saturday in June is National Get Outdoors Day. You may want to have a backyard campout or barbecue, or visit a favorite area to honor the day.
Focus on a neighborhood critter or favorite landscape for National Nature Photography Day on the 15th.

The third Thursday in June is National Recess at Work Day and a good opportunity to take an outdoor break during the day.  It's also the new release date each month for MDC's Nature Boost podcast.  June's episode is on camping and you will find all kinds of camping tips to head outdoors overnight.

On the 18th choose between Go Fishing Day and International Picnic day or do both. The 19th is Take a Road Trip Day and World Sauntering Day. Sauntering is just a carefree stroll exploring nature as you go. Father’s Day is also National American Eagle Day. Head outdoors with dad on his special day for an outdoor adventure. June 25th is National Catfish Day. Missouri's tasty fish is fun to angle for or serve at your own fish fry. It's also Log Cabin Day where you might forgo electronics and other creature comforts to experience a simpler time in nature. June 26th is National Canoe Day, a good time for a paddle on a nearby lake or stream. The end of the month winds up with National Mud Day, always an earthy time, and National Meteor Day to seek out those night lights across the sky.

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Try one or more of these days to enjoy outdoor fun in solidarity with others across the country.

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