Summersville logging company nominated for prestigious award

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – After being selected as Missouri’s loggers of the year in 2011, Gene Fiske, Jr., Jay Duncan and Gene Fiske, Sr., of J&G Logging in Summersville were nominated for the prestigious Appalachian Region Logger of the Year award this year.

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) Forest Products Supervisor Jason Jensen, even though the group was not selected for the award, their selection as finalists was a great achievement.

“This group of professional loggers was recognized as finalists in this competition and that is quite an accomplishment,” Jensen said.

Jensen said these men exemplify the characteristics of best management practices to harvest forest products ethically and safely.

“Because they are concerned with the reputation of their company, they ensure the residual forest is free from ruts and residual damage and their product utilization is excellent,” Jensen said.

By product utilization, Jensen is referring to J&G Logging’s uses of small diameter wood for blocking and pulpwood in addition to harvesting sawtimber.

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