MDC-sponsored shooting team breaks clays to help rebuild Joplin

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HIGH RIDGE Mo — The Missouri Department of Conservation's (MDC) Jay Henges Shooting Range recently took aim at Joplin tornado relief effort and ended up hitting an $1,107 bulls eye in June.

Team Henges, the range-sponsored sport-clay shooting team, took up arms for the American Red Cross’s Joplin relief efforts on Saturday, June 4, with a 50 cent-per-clay-bird fundraiser. The effort was initiated by Team Henges’ Head Coach Jan Morris and led by Coach Pat McCart.

Team Henges consists of 22 young adults ages 11 to 18 who train together to shoot trap competitively. Starting out at 50 cents for each bird broken, donations climbed as high as $1 per bird during the day-long fundraiser. Final donations totaled $1,107.

Not knowing whether to expect a hundred dollars or a thousand, Morris indicated he was more than pleased with the results. “I was really impressed by how everybody came through,” he said.

The group also canvassed for supplies to help in the relief activities. Seeking guidance from an emergency response professional, Team Henges rounded up a collection of practical tools to assist relief workers, such as flashlights, batteries, hammers and chainsaw bar oil. The donated tools, along with the money raised, were sent to the American Red Cross to be put to immediate use in Joplin.

Team Henges has earned national honors in shooting competitions sponsored by the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation. The Jay Henges Shooting Range and Outdoor Education Center is located at off I-44 at 1100 Antire Road in High Ridge. It is owned and operated by the MDC.