MDC June 25 workshop for pond owners interested in emergent aquatic plants

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Having the right amount of native aquatic plants and the proper species can improve habitat in your pond for fish, wildlife, and pollinating insects.

People who are interested in learning more about how native aquatic plants can help their ponds should plan to attend a Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) emergent aquatic plant workshop June 25 at Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield. The workshop will start at 6:30 p.m. People can register for this event by calling MDC’s Southwest Regional Office in Springfield at 417-895-6880. Entry instructions will be provided when they call.

Emergent aquatic plants are plants that are rooted in the lake bottom, but their leaves and stems extend out of the water. These plants provide habitat for fish, but their value doesn’t end with what they provide to underwater creatures. The emergent (above-water) part of the plant often provides habitat for some species of songbirds, wading birds, and pollinators. Other benefits include improved water quality and shoreline protection.

At the June 25 workshop, staff from MDC will discuss the roles of native aquatic plants in ponds and small lakes and how to use some of these plants as a management tool. Staff will also discuss ways to incorporate some of these beneficial plants into your pond or small lake. The workshop will include a classroom portion and a demonstration on how to do a shoreline planting at the zoo’s small lake.

More information about the June 25 workshop can be obtained by contacting MDC Fisheries Biologist Kara Tvedt at

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