MDC: 42 applicants receive grant funding for community forest improvements

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has awarded $404,352 to Missouri communities through its Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance (TRIM) grant program. TRIM grants offer cost-share funding for government agencies, public schools and nonprofit groups to manage, improve or conserve trees on public lands.

"Missourians care about conserving the trees in the cities and towns where they live and work," said MDC Forestry Management Chief Justine Gartner. "TRIM grants help recipients accomplish activities that keep their neighborhood trees healthy and thriving, including inventory, pruning, planting, and educational programs."

Trees work in Missouri communities to provide an amazing number of benefits, from cleaning our air and water to reducing stress and helping children concentrate. Just like any other natural resource, it takes active involvement to keep community trees thriving.

"Tree inventories are an important way for communities to manage and plan for the future. You have to know not only where the trees are, but how to adequately care for them, and you have to know their condition and maintenance needs. An inventory allows a community to thoughtfully plan work rather than responding to the latest disaster," said Gartner.

Inventory is particularly important to prevent and prepare for invasive pests such as emerald ash borers, which have been killing ash trees across the country. Several of this year's grant recipients will use grant funds to assess and manage the ash trees in their communities.

MDC has awarded 42 grants this year. TRIM grant recipients for 2015 are:

  • City of Ballwin, $10,000, tree inventory
  • Village of Bel Ridge, $5,950, tree inventory
  • City of Bellerive Acres, $10,000, tree pruning
  • Beyond Housing (Pagedale), $10,000, tree removal and pruning
  • City of Brookfield, $10,000, tree removal, pruning, planting and education
  • Brunswick Tree City Advisory Board, $6,896, tree inventory
  • Columbia Parks and Recreation, $3,975, education
  • City of Cool Valley, $10,000, tree removal and pruning
  • City of Elsberry, $8,268, tree inventory and tree removal
  • Village of Hanley Hills, $10,000, tree pruning
  • City of Hannibal, $3,908, education
  • City of Jefferson, Parks, Recreation, and Forestry, $10,000, tree inventory
  • City of Joplin, 25,000, tree inventory
  • City of Kansas City, $1,300, education
  • City of Kirkwood, $10,000, tree inventory
  • Lafayette Park Conservancy (St. Louis), $10,000, tree planting, plan development and education
  • City of Lake Saint Louis, $10,000, remove ash trees
  • City of Liberty, $10,000, tree pruning, planting, education
  • City of Malden, $4,896, tree ordinance development
  • City of Manchester, $25,000, tree inventory, removal, planting
  • Missouri State University West Plains, $10,000, tree removal, pruning, planting
  • Mount Mora Cemetery (St. Joseph), $9,975, tree inventory, removal, pruning, education and planting
  • City of Northwoods, $6,150, tree inventory
  • Town of Norwood Court, $3,150, tree inventory
  • City of O'Fallon, $10,000, education and tree planting
  • City of Olivette, $10,000, tree removal
  • City of Pagedale, $10,000, tree removal and pruning
  • Palmyra R-1 School District, $6,895, tree pruning, planting and education
  • City of Parkville, $7,425, tree removal and pruning
  • City of Pasadena Hills, $3,950, tree inventory
  • City of Pine Lawn, $10,000, tree removal and pruning
  • City of Poplar Bluff, $5,379, education
  • City of Sedalia, $10,000, tree inventory
  • Springfield-Greene County Botanical Center, $18,754, tree inventory and education
  • St. Charles County Parks Department, $23,232, tree inventory
  • City of St. Martins, $6,979, tree removal, planting, education
  • City of St. Louis Forestry, $10,000, tree inventory of two wards
  • City of Sturgeon Parks and Trees, $10,000, tree removal, pruning and planting
  • Tower Grove Park, $10,000, education and tree planting
  • City of Vinita Park, $10,000, tree pruning
  • City of Warrensburg, $10,000, tree removal and education
  • City of Wellston, $7,450, tree inventory

For more information, visit MDC's website at and search "TRIM Grants."