Learn to catch trout with MDC’s All About Trout classes Saturdays and Sundays this winter in Forest Park

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St. LOUIS, Mo—The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) stocks 40,000 rainbow trout from November until February for its Urban Winter Trout Program. When you add four trout parks throughout the state and miles of Ozark trout streams, Missouri offers many trout fishing opportunities.  Of course, stocking trout and catching them are two different things.  MDC can help with the second one, too.

To help new trout anglers get started, MDC will hold Learn to fish: All About Trout classes every Saturday and Sunday from 8-10 a.m. through February 14 at the fish hatchery in Forest Park. There are two classes, and together, they will cover all the basics about trout and how to catch them.

“Anglers should note that this is a traditional fishing class, meaning we will be using traditional ‘ultra-light’ fishing gear and lures to fish for rainbow trout,” said MDC Community Education Assistant, Cody Diehl.  “If anglers want to try fly-fishing, we have plenty of fly-fishing classes throughout the fall and winter months.”

Lesson one of the two lesson sequence is an introduction to trout as a species, the history of trout in Missouri, an introduction to power and dough baits, and proper fish netting and handling techniques. Lesson two follows up by covering trout habitat, spawning, regulations, lure identification and use, and the different trout streams here in Missouri.

Diehl reminds participants that these classes include hands-on fishing experience and to be ready for the outdoors and cold weather.   “Be sure to come prepared with water, snacks, and very warm clothing.  Closed-toed shoes are required. Gloves are optional, but highly recommended,” said Diehl.

The Learn to fish: All About Trout classes are free, but advanced online registration is required.  To find a class and register, go to http://short.mdc.mo.gov/ZDA.

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