Get hooked with MDC Free Fishing Days June 6-7

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Get hooked on fishing with the Missouri Department of Conservation's (MDC) Free Fishing Days June 6 - 7. During Free Fishing Days, anyone may fish in the Show-Me State without having to buy a fishing permit, trout permit, or trout park daily tag. Normal regulations remain in effect, such as limits on size and number of fish an angler may keep. Special permits may still be required at some county, city, or private fishing areas. Trespass laws remain in effect on private property.

Conservation makes Missouri a great place to fish, and Free Fishing Days encourages people to sample the state's abundant fishing opportunities. Missouri has more than a million acres of surface water, and most of it provides great fishing. More than 200 different fish species are found in Missouri, with 20 of them being game fish for the state's more than 1.1 million anglers.

For information on Missouri fishing regulations, permit requirements, fish identification, and more, get a copy of MDC's "2015 Summary of Missouri Fishing Regulations" where permits are sold, at MDC offices and nature centers, and online at

"Find MO Fish" with MDC's free mobile app. Find MO Fish includes annual fishing prospects, weekly fishing reports, geo-location to find fish-attractor spots, regulations for specific fish species and locations, detailed information on various fish species, and more. The free app even lets anglers by permits online. Learn more and download Find MO Fish at