MDC to offer hunter education skills classes in northwest Missouri

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Chillicothe, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) offers several options for hunters to obtain the hunter education certification required for firearms hunting. For example, MDC Conservation Educator Adam Brandsgaard, who is based in Chillicothe, will offer several hunter education skills sessions this fall in northwest Missouri. These four-hour sessions, open to ages 11 and up, will teach firearm safety, hunting ethics, and basic hunting skills. Then participants will present skills knowledge to the instructor and take a 35-question exam to complete certification.

To attend a skills session, participants must first complete the knowledge portion of the class. This can be done through an interactive online class or through self-study at home using the Hunter Education Student Manual. Proof of completion of the knowledge portion must be presented at the skills session. For those ages 16 and up, the Hunter Education certification can also be completed entirely online.

Missouri’s hunter education program increases safety and skills afield. The instruction will teach how firearms work and firearms safety, wildlife identification and processing game harvested for cooking, wildlife conservation and management, and regulations and information unique to Missouri. The certificate is required for hunters born on or after Jan. 1, 1967.

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