Discover creatures of the night during guided hike at MDC Busch Conservation Area

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ST. CHARLES, Mo — Discover a fascinating world of nature that wakes up after the sun goes down. The Missouri Department of Conservation's (MDC) August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area in St. Charles is presenting a special program in the spirit of the Halloween season called “Creatures of the Night.” It will take place Saturday, Oct. 12, starting at 6 p.m. The program is free and open for all ages.

“Creatures of the Night” will take visitors on a guided hike along the area’s .7-mile paved Fallen Oak Trail to discover the denizens of the dark that can be found in Missouri’s outdoors. Trail guides will lead the way through the woods along a candlelit path. The goal of the program is to examine the myths and uncover the facts about nocturnal creatures.

“We all harbor a tiny fear of the dark and it’s an exciting thing for kids to experience the woods at night in this safe environment,” said May Cunningham, MDC volunteer and organizer of the program.

The program encourages visitors to put to use all their senses to discover more about the natural world around them.

“Participants will have a heightened sense of smell and hearing,” explained Cunningham. “Like the creatures they will meet, they will be using their other senses to learn about nocturnal animals.”

The hikes will last approximately one hour and will be departing at 6, 6:30, 7, 7:30 and 8 p.m. Advanced registration is required by calling 636-441-4554. Participants are encouraged to come dressed for the weather.

The August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area is located at 2360 Highway D, approximately two miles west of Highway 94.