MDC offers free Discover Nature — Fishing and outdoor skills sessions at Lost Valley Fish Hatchery in Warsaw

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Warsaw, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is offering a free series of Discover Nature — Fishing and outdoor skills classes in July and August at the Lost Valley Fish Hatchery at Warsaw. Participants will get hands-on training in fishing, archery, and target shooting with air rifles and shotgun. These sessions are for participants age 7 and older.

These classes are a good opportunity for youths and adults to learn outdoor skills and try them  with experts standing by to help. Discover Nature — Fishing classes are taught in four sessions that start with fish lore, gear, and basic fishing methods. Some advanced skills are also taught by lesson 4. After each instruction session, participants actually go fishing. They will have the confidence and knowledge to be successful fishing on their own.

MDC is combining shooting sports skills with fishing for these sessions. The archery, crossbow, air rifle, and shotgun components will teach safety, proper handling of bows and guns, and accurate shooting skills.

The classes will be led by Mark Miller, MDC conservation educator, and Kara Entrop, MDC community education assistant. All classes will be from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. MDC will provide all necessary equipment.

Classes will include:

  • Saturday, July 17, fishing and archery.
  • Saturday, July 24, fishing and crossbow.
  • Saturday, Aug. 7, fishing and air rifle.
  • Saturday, Aug. 14, fishing and shotgun.

Registration is required for the free classes. To register, visit the MDC Events page for the Kansas City region at Scroll down through the event offerings to those at the Lost Valley Fish Hatchery. For more information or help with register, call Entrop at 660-438-4465 or Miller at 660-530-5500. COVID-19 precautions will be observed during the sessions.