A Conservation thank you to Kansas City Police Mounted Patrol

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KANSAS CITY Mo - The Kansas City Police Department’s Mounted Patrol Section is a key partner in the managed archery hunts for white-tail deer in the city’s Swope Park. On Wednesday, Dec . 7, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) recognized police efforts with a presentation of deer antlers and a plaque. The antlers came from a deer killed illegally in the park in 2010. The police unit had helped MDC agents cite a poacher in the case.

The Mounted Patrol also hosts at their stables in Swope Park a deer check-in station for the managed archery hunts. Police cooperation is very valuable in monitoring and managing the archery hunts, said MDC Urban Wildlife Biologist Joe DeBold.

This is the second year for a managed archery hunt in designated areas at Swope Park with woods and wildlife habit favored by deer. The hunt concludes on Dec. 31. Archers this fall have checked in 27 deer at the stables.

The hunt is open only to those hunters who participate in a drawing in advance of the season. To be eligible, all hunters must complete a bowhunting safety course and attend an orientation meeting. Participants must hunt from raised positions such as platforms temporarily attached to trees, and the hunters shoot arrows toward the ground at close-range targets.

This is the sixth year for managed archery deer hunts at four other Kansas City parks with large-scale natural areas. The hunts are held to control deer populations in the parks to protect wildlife habitat from over-browsing and to reduce the chances for deer-vehicle accidents in urban areas.