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A 20-Year Look (circa 1955)

Produced by Missouri Dept. of Conservation (circa 1955). More

Adam and Eve Orchid (Leaf)

Photo of Adam and Eve orchid leaf
Adam and Eve orchids have leaves from September all the way through winter. There's a good chance you've noticed this orchid on your winter hikes and wondered about its strange appearance: a green-and-white-striped, pleated leaf lying flat upon the dead leaves on the forest floor. Check back in May to see its flowers! More

Adam and Eve Orchid (Putty Root) (Flowers)

Photo of Adam and Eve orchid flowers
Flowers arise on a bare stem and are light to dark brown and about ½ inch long. They are sometimes slightly purple toward the base of the 3 sepals and petals. The lip is small, white, with 3 lobes and magenta markings. The leaves of this orchid wither away by flowering time in May and June. More

Amanita (Unknown Species)

Photo of an unknown amanita mushroom with a yellow cap
Eating only a tiny amount of a poisonous amanita species can be deadly. Experienced mushroom hunters avoid amanitas for this reason. Identification can be difficult. Don't eat any parasol-shaped mushrooms with white gills. Several experienced mushroom hunters asked to identify the one in this picture cannot say for sure what it is. More

American Feverfew (Wild Quinine)

Photo of American feverfew plant with flower cluster.
A common component of high-quality upland prairie, American feverfew, or wild quinine, is a native wildflower that was used to treat fevers or malaria. It's in the composite family. More