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American Ginseng Leaves

Photo of ginseng plant with hand for scale
Leaves occur in a whorl at the top of the stem, and each leaf is palmately compound, with 3 to 5 leaflets. More

American Ginseng Plant with Ripe Berries

Photo of American ginseng plant with ripe berries
Long valued as a medicinal plant, ginseng is an annual crop in the United States and Canada valued in excess of $25 million, but overzealous collection is causing serious concern about the survival of American ginseng in the forest ecosystem. More

American Lotus (Floating Leaf)

Photo of American lotus, young floating circular leaf
American lotus is an aquatic plant that can cover large areas. The leaves are blue green, circular, without a V-shaped notch, extremely variable in size, to 2 feet wide, and can shed water. The stem is attached in the center. They are normally held above the water level on long stems, though young leaves float. More

American Lotus Flower

Photo of lotus in pool at Duck Creek CA
American lotus is just one of the several species of “lilies” or floating leaved plants that grow in Pool 1. It provides shade and oxygen for the fish below, but can also crowd out other plants and fishermen because of its broad, round leaves. More

American Lotus Seedpod

Photo shows American lotus flower pod at Duck Creek CA
You may have seen the American lotus flower's seedpod and just didn't know it. Also known as "yanqypin," the seedpod is used often floral arrangements. More

American Pondweed (Longleaf Pondweed)

Photo of American pondweed leaves floating on water surface
American pondweed, or longleaf pondweed (Potamogeton nodosus), is one of our native pondweeds that can grow rampantly and become a nuisance plant in ponds and lakes. When they grow excessively, it can be due to excessive nutrients entering the water, such as farm and fertilizer runoff or leaky septic systems. More