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American Pondweed (Longleaf Pondweed)

Photo of American pondweed leaves floating on water surface
American pondweed, or longleaf pondweed (Potamogeton nodosus), is one of our native pondweeds that can grow rampantly and become a nuisance plant in ponds and lakes. When they grow excessively, it can be due to excessive nutrients entering the water, such as farm and fertilizer runoff or leaky septic systems. More

American Water Willow

Photo of American water willow showing plant with flowers
American water willow is common on gravel bars and other stream banks throughout much of Missouri. The dense colonies of emergent stems have leaves like a willow’s, but the two-lipped flowers resemble little orchids. More

American Water Willow (Flowers)

Photo of American water willow closeup on flowers
The flowers of water willow are nothing like the catkins of true willows. They are clustered into headlike groups and are about ¾ inch long with a notched upper lip and a 3-lobed lower lip. The upper lip is light purple, rarely white; the lower lip white or pale purple with purple markings. It blooms May through October. More

Anthracnose Symptoms Leaves

Anthracnose, a foliar disease of walnuts, turns healthy leaves yellow and brown. More

Aquatic Propagation in Scours

Aquatic plant, pickerel weed, being grown in a nursery
Over the summer aquatic plants, like this pickerel weed, have been grown in a nursery and planted in some of the deeper scours that have held water through the summer. More