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Anthracnose Symptoms Leaves

Anthracnose, a foliar disease of walnuts, turns healthy leaves yellow and brown. More

Aquatic Propagation in Scours

Aquatic plant, pickerel weed, being grown in a nursery
Over the summer aquatic plants, like this pickerel weed, have been grown in a nursery and planted in some of the deeper scours that have held water through the summer. More

Artist Conk

Photo of artist conk, woody bracket fungus on tree shown from side
Artist conks grow singly or in groups of up to several on dead wood or in wounds of living deciduous trees. This species takes nourishment from rotting wood or as a parasite on living wood. More

Artist Conk

Photo of artist conk, a woody, tan bracket fungus, shown from top
Artist conks can be seen year-round. The cap is shelflike, semicircular, and brown to grayish black. The texture is woody and they can be warty or zoned. They are very hard and are not shiny. More