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Bird’s-Foot Trefoil

Photo of bird's-foot trefoil, closeup of flower cluster.
The flowers of bird's-foot trefoil grow in umbels, at the tips of the stalks, and have the typical configuration of pea flowers. This plant blooms May–September. More

Bird’s-Foot Violet (Purple and Lavender Form)

Photo of bird's-foot violet (bicolored form)
One of the color variations of bird’s-foot violet has 2 deep purple petals on top, and 3 lavender petals below. Also called “pansy violet” and “hens and roosters,” this spring wildflower can make a glade or bluff top heavenly with its pretty lavender and purple “faces.” When you see your first big colony of bird’s-foot violets, you will probably never forget it. More

Bitter Bolete (Pores)

Photo of broken bitter bolete mushroom cap, being held to show pores
A broken bitter bolete cap, showing the long pinkish pore tubes. More

Black Medick

Photo of black medick, a yellow, cloverlike wildflower, held in a hand
Black medick occurs in fields, lawns, waste places, and along roads and railroads. A native of Eurasia and Africa, it was introduced and has naturalized across much of North America. It is a nutritious but low-yielding legume for grazing animals and is not much planted in our area. More

Black Medick (Flower)

Photo of black medick closeup of cloverlike yellow flowerhead
The small, cloverlike flowering heads and trifoliate leaves of black medick are clues that this plant is in the Fabaceae, the bean or pea family. An introduced, weedy species, it is closely related to alfalfa. More