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Forest Health News

Browse up-to-date bulletins on the causes of branch flagging, insect defoliators, exotic insect and disease pests, conifer problems and current disease issues.

Timber Management Assistance

Want to improve your woodlot management or timber yields? Get our help! Call your regional forester.

Missouri Forest Management Guidelines

Published in 2014, this reference provides science-based guidance to help professional foresters, private land managers, and forest landowners improve and sustain Missouri’s forests.

Missouri Woody Biomass Harvesting Manual (pdf, 3 MB)

Also known as the Missouri Woody Biomass Harvesting Best Management Practices Manual, this 49-page booklet helps loggers harvest trees for fuel in ways that protect local natural resources.

Missouri Invasive Forest Pest Plan (pdf, 492 KB)

The Missouri Invasive Forest Pest Plan provides an overarching framework for a coordinated response in Missouri to invasive forest insects and diseases.  Roles and responsibilities of cooperating agencies and response actions common to most invasive forest pests are defined.

Missouri Forest Resource Assessment and Strategy (pdf, 7 MB)

Browse the Department's 222-page plan for managing Missouri's forests. The PDF file is 6.8 MB and may take a few minutes to download.

Missouri Watershed Protection Practice (pdf, 4 MB)

Download these guidelines about maintaining forested watersheds to protect streams.

Promoting Shortleaf Pine (pdf, 80 KB)

Download this report on canopy openness and pine regeneration in closed-canopy shortleaf-pine forests.

Missouri Bottomland Tree Silvics (pdf, 591 KB)

The environmental conditions of Missouri bottomlands pose many challenges for reforestation and forest management. Use this publication to learn more about these challenges.

Missouri Urban Forestry Attitudes Survey (pdf, 38 KB)

Use this report report to learn more about the attitudes of local officials toward urban forestry in Missouri communities.

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