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Artist Conk

Photo of artist conk, a woody, tan bracket fungus, shown from top
Artist conks can be seen year-round. The cap is shelflike, semicircular, and brown to grayish black. The texture is woody and they can be warty or zoned. They are very hard and are not shiny. More

Ash Tree Bolete

Photo of two ash tree boletes, tan pored mushrooms, one overturned showing pores
The ash tree bolete is a pored mushroom with a brownish, wavy cap, an off-center stalk, and clearly defined pores. It grows scattered on the ground near ash trees. More

Autumn Olive (Fruit)

Autumn Olive, fruit
Fruits ripen from pink to red, with speckles. They are finely dotted with pale scales and are produced in abundance each year. More

Autumn Olive (Underside of Leaf)

Autumn olive, underside of leaf
The lower surface is covered with silvery white scales, a conspicuous characteristic that can be seen from a distance. More

Barn Spider (Spotted Orb Weaver)

Photo of a barn spider, or spotted orbweaver, hiding in a corner
This “barn spider” is probably Neoscona crucifera, also called Hentz’s orbweaver and spotted orb weaver. It’s a widespread species that commonly builds its webs in woods and on the eaves of barns and other structures (including houses). The female takes down her web each morning, hides in cracks and corners during the day (as shown in this picture), and spins a new large, round web at dusk. This individual built her web next to a dusk-to-dawn porch light each night for several weeks one late summer, taking advantage of the host of flying insects attracted to the light. More