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Drawn to Wetlands

What comes to mind when you think of a wetland? MDC Wetland Ecologist Frank Nelson describes how plant and animal species distribute themselves within a typical bottomland swamp.

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Photo of tree damage at Duck Creek CA

Duck Creek CA Tree Damage

During the last week of April 2011, strong winds damaged trees along our roads. However, damage to trees within the pools doesn’t appear to be extensive.

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Duck Creek CA Waterfowl Abundance

In 2011, waterfowl numbers at Duck Creek peaked during the last week of November and first week of December. Despite a dip in numbers, mallards showed a second, smaller peak towards the end of December.

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graph shows 2011 duck creek ca waterfowl harvest numbers

Duck Creek CA Waterfowl Harvest

In the fall of 2011, wood ducks sustained the harvest early on as mallard numbers increased. Waterfowl species other than mallards were harvested during the first half of the season. Harvested mallard trends were similar to their abundance on the area, peaking at the end of November with a small peak at the end of December.

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