Table Bc02: Freshwater mussel species found within the Spring River Watershed

Table Bc02: Freshwater mussel species found within the Spring River Watershed in Missouri (bold) and the South Fork of the Spring River in Arkansas (Bruenderman, personal communication-1; Duchrow 1977-2; Faiman, personal correspondence-3; MDC 1998d-4; Oesch 1995-5; and Turgeon et al.1998).
Scientific Name Common Name Source State Status Federal Status
Actinonaias ligamentina Mucket 3
Alasmidonta marginata* Elk Toe 3 #
Amblema plicata Threeridge 3
Corbicula fluminea Asian Clam 4
Cyclonaias tuberculata Purple Wartyback 3
Elliptio dilatata Spike 3
Epioblasma florentina curtisi* Curtis’ Pearlymussel 1 E E
Fusconaia flava Wabash Pigtoe 3
Fusconaia ozarkensis Ozark Pigtoe 2
Lampsilis cardium Plain Pocketbook 3
Lampsilis reeviana brevicula Ozark Brokenray 2
Lampsilis reeviana reeviana* Arkansas Brokenray 5
Lampsilis teres teres Yellow Sandshell 2
Lasmigona costata Flutedshell 3
Pleurobema sintoxia Round pigtoe 3
Potamilus purpuratus Bleufer 3
Ptychobranchus occidentalis* Ouachita Kidneyshell 3 #
Quadrula metanevra Monkeyface 3
Strophitus undulatus Creeper 5
Toxolasma lividus* Purple Lilliput 3 #
Utterbackia imbecillis Paper Pondshell 5
Venustaconcha pleasi Bleedingtooth Mussel 3
Villosa iris Rainbow 3
Villosa lienosa Little Spectaclecase 3

*Species of Conservation Concern (MDC 1999a)

#- Former category-2 candidate (In December of 1996, the USFWS discontinued the practice of maintaining a list of species regarded as "category-2 candidates".MDC continues to distinguish these species for information and planning purposes.)

Note: Data in table subject to revision. This table is not a final authority.

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