Table Ge03: Losing Streams of the North Fork Watershed

North Fork Watershed stream reaches designated as losing in Table J Rules of Department of Natural Resources Division 20-Clean Water Commission Chapter 7-Water Quality. Code of State Regulations (MDNR 1996a).
Stream Miles From To
Bryant Cr. 8.0 se,sw,ne,23,27n,15w sw,sw,sw,21,26n,14w
Browning Hl. 2.5 sw,ne,nw,27,25n,14w ne,ne,se,01,24n,14w
Clifty Cr. 5.5 nw,ne,se,28,27n,12w se,ne,se,14,26n,12w
Brush Cr. 4.0 ne,nw,se,21,26n,12w nw,nw,se,36,26n,13w
Smith Hl. 4.0 se,nw,ne,31,25n,14w se,ne,se,02,24n,14w
Spring Cr. 12.0 ne,sw,sw,22,25n,15w se,sw,nw,05,24n,13w
Horton Hl. 2.0 nw,sw,ne,05,25n,10w sw,ne,sw,18,25n,10w
Moss Hl. 4.0 ne,se,nw,34,26n,10w sw,se,se,18,25n,10w
Crooked Br. 5.0 nw,sw,se,21,24n,10w se,nw,se,22,24n,11w
Spring Cr. 10.5 nw,nw,nw,06,23n,09w sw,sw,sw,15,23n,11w
Tabor Cr. 5.0 nw,se,sw,19,24n,09w se,sw,sw,34,24n,10w
Tabor Cr. 10.0 se,ne,nw,34,25n,09w se,ne,sw,35,25n,11w
Trib. To Tabor Cr. 2.0 nw,se,ne,35,25n,10w ne,nw,sw,11,24n,10w
Davis Cr. 2.0 ne,ne,sw,19,23n,09w ne,nw,sw,14,23n,10w
Kenyon Hl. 2.5 sw,se,nw,02,25n,10w ne,ne,ne,21,25n,10w
Spring Cr. 5.0 nw,23,24n,09w nw,nw,nw,06,23n,09w
Trib. To Spring Cr. 4.0 sw,se,nw,02,23n,09w sw,nw,sw,32,24n,09w
Bennett's R. 6.0 ne,sw,01,22n,10w ne,nw,ne,02,21n,10w
Ray Br. 2.5 ne,sw,sw,32,22n,09w se,sw,ne,02,21n,10w
N. Fk. Dry Cr. 3.5 ne,ne,ne,30,26n,09w nw,nw,nw,18,25n,09w
Dry Cr. 6.0 nw,ne,se,20,26n,09w nw,nw,nw,18,25n,09w
Dry Cr. 8.0 nw,nw,nw,18,25n,09w sw,se,sw,23,25n,11w
Unnamed Trib. 2.5 se,nw,se,32,24n,14w nw,nw,ne,35,24n,15w
South Fork 5.5 ne,sw,nw,28,24n,14w sw,nw,se,33,24n,15w
Smith Hl. 2.0 ne,nw,sw,18,24n,14w ne,ne,ne,17,24n,14w
Gardner Hl. 4.0 nw,sw,sw,24,24n,14w ne,ne,se,01,24n,14w
Unnamed Trib. 3.0 se,sw,se,18,28n,13w nw,nw,ne,05,28n,13w
Fox Cr. 4.0 nw,ne,ne,30,28n,13w sw,ne,ne,09,27n,13w
Fox. Cr. 20.0 ne,ne,sw,20,28n,13w se,ne,ne,29,25n,13w
Dry Cr. 7.5 sw,ne,nw,24,28n,14w se,sw,sw,17,27n,14w
Prarie Hl. 3.0 se,sw,sw,28,28n,15w sw,sw,se,03,27n,15w
Prarie Hl. 2.0 sw,nw,sw,28,28n,15w ne,se,sw,03,27n,15w
Fry Cr./wolf Cr. 3.0 nw,sw,sw,11,28n,15w sw,nw,se,25,29n,15w
Total 177.5

Note: This table is not a final authority.

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