Table Bc06: Crayfish Species in the Current River Watershed

Table Bc06: Crayfish Species in the Current River Watershed

Crayfish species occurring in the Current River Watershed (MNHP 2001a, MoRAP2000c, MDC 1998c). Note: Location data not given for species of conservation concern.
Common Name Scientific Name U C R S V C R S C M C R P C C R B C L C R L B R
Cajun dwarf crayfish Cambarellus pueur                
Devil crayfish Cambarus diogenes           X X X
Salem cave crayfish Cambarus hubrichti                
Hubbs' crayfish Cambarus hubbsi     X X        
Digger crayfish Fallicambarus fodiens                
Shield crayfish Faxonella clypeata                
Golden crayfish Orconectes luteus X   X X X X X X
Gray-speckled crayfish Orconectes palmeri               X
Northern crayfish Orconectes virilis     X         X
Ozark crayfish Orconectes ozarkae     X X   X X X
Spothanded crayfish Orconectes punctimanus X   X X X X X  
Red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii               X
Vernal crayfish Procambarus viaeviridus                
White River crayfish Procambarus acutus             X X
  • UCR= Upper Current River
  • SV= Spring Valley
  • CRSC= Current River-Sinking Creek
  • MCR= Middle Current River
  • PC= Pike Creek
  • CRBC= Current River-Buffalo Creek
  • LCR= Lower Current River
  • LBR= Little Black River

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