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May 2020 Issue

What Is It?


  1. I look like a mass of white foam.
  2. But these bubbles are actually my home.
  3. They will keep me safe from my foes …
  4. ...Until I can fly on my own.

What Is It?



Baby spittlebugs are famous for hiding in what looks like foamy masses of spit. But this mass is a nest, which protects them from predators and parasites. It also keeps them cool when it’s hot and moist when it’s dry. To produce the foam, the babies hang upside down on a stem and blow plant sap out their behinds. Gravity pulls the “spit” down over them. Eventually, they exit the foam as winged adults known as froghoppers. Learn more at

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Bonnie Chasteen
Les Fortenberry
Angie Daly Morfeld
Noppadol Paothong
Marci Porter
Mark Raithel
Laura Scheuler
Matt Seek
David Stonner
Stephanie Thurber
Cliff White

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Xplor: May/June 2020

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