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August 2014 Issue

Predator vs. Prey: Cottontail Rabbit vs. Bobcat

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Aug 01, 2014

The struggle to survive isn't always a fair fight. Here's what separates nature's winners from its losers.

Shadow Cats

Bobcats dwell in the shadows, all but invisible to most animals. These feisty felines can take down animals 10 times their size, including small whitetailed deer.

Piercing Stare

A bobcat’s peepers are about as big as yours, but their pupils can open three times wider. This lets in more light, helping bobcats pinpoint prey in the dark.

Disguised = Alive

Sometimes the best disguise is to be hidden in plain sight. Remaining motionless is often a bunny’s best defense. Knowing when to cut and run, of course, can be a matter of life and death.

Purrfect Assassins

Bobcats keep their claws tucked into their paws so they stay razor sharp. When a bobcat strikes, it hooks its claws into prey until it can put its teeth into play.

Rabbit Rockets

A rabbit’s perfect combination of powerful hind legs, short front legs, and low center of gravity let it power through a dizzying zigzag sure to lose all but the most agile of predators.

and the winner is…

This shadow cat crept within range and pounced, becoming a tawny brown blur of fur, claws, and fangs. Despite quick reflexes, the rabbit couldn’t escape.

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This Issue's Staff:

Brett Dufur
Les Fortenberry
Karen Hudson
Regina Knauer
Noppadol Paothong
Marci Porter
Mark Raithel
Laura Scheuler
Matt Seek
Tim Smith
David Stonner
Nichole LeClair Terrill
Stephanie Thurber
Cliff White

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