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December 2013 Issue

Wild Jobs: Range Officer Kurt Otterstein

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Dec 01, 2013

At Jay Henges Shooting Range, Kurt Otterstein teaches people to be straight shooters and safe shooters.

Q: What can you do at Jay Henges Shooting Range?

A: We have target ranges where you can sight in your rifle or pattern your shotgun, trap-shooting fields where you can dust clay pigeons, and a wooded archery trail where you can shoot arrows at 3-D animal targets.

Q: Do you have programs for kids?

A: Kids are welcome to shoot, of course. We also have hunting clinics for kids and adults that teach them how to hunt deer, turkeys, ducks — you name it. And we offer courses so people can get their hunter education card.

Q: Do many people use the range?

A: We see nearly 1,000 visitors a week. Most mornings, folks are lined up at the door before we open. It’s a popular place.

Q: What’s the best part of your job?

A: Helping someone who hasn’t shot much — who might even be fearful — gain confidence and start hitting the target.

Q: Do you get many first-time shooters at Henges?

A: Lots of folks show up and say: “I haven’t shot much. Can you help me?” If we have plenty of staff, we’ll send volunteers into shooting booths to coach people until they feel comfortable shooting by themselves. Customer service is our second biggest priority at Henges.

Q: What’s your first priority?

A: Keeping people safe.

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