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Invasive carp laid on its side (bottom) next to a native gizzard shad (top)

Invasive Carp Control

Because silver carp and bighead carp are nonnative invasive fish that can cause big problems, it's illegal to use them as live bait in Missouri. Keep them from spreading to your favorite sport-fishing water.

Asian longhorn beetle navigating across tree trunk

Report the Asian Longhorned Beetle!

These invasive beetles kill hardwood trees. Learn to identify their signs and help keep them out of Missouri.

metallic, emerald-green beetle on ash leaf

Emerald Ash Borer Management

Emerald ash borer is an exotic beetle that kills ash trees. Learn to identify and report EAB in your area.

Photo of male and female European wood wasps on pine stump

European Wood Wasp Control

Learn to identify and control this destructive forest pest, which attacks Missouri's pine trees.

feral hog

Feral Hogs in Missouri

Because they are nonnative, destructive and dangerous, feral hogs should be eliminated from Missouri. This section discusses efforts to control feral hogs in our state.

Gypsy Moth Trap

Gypsy Moth & Missouri

These hungry insects aren't in Missouri yet, but they will drastically alter our forests if and when they arrive. Learn to avoid spreading these destructive forest pests.

Photo of a gray rock pigeon standing among rocks

Pigeon Control

Learn to identify, prevent, and control damage from nonnative common pigeons (also known as rock doves) on your Missouri property.

Photograph of a European Starling

Starling Control

Learn to control European starlings in Missouri livestock feedlots.

Zebra Mussel

Zebra Mussel Control

These invasive, fingernail-sized, black-and-white striped "clams" hurt Missouri's waters. Learn to avoid spreading them.

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