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During all portions of the firearms deer hunting season, all persons hunting any game, and also adult mentors accompanying them, must wear a cap or hat and a shirt, vest, or coat of the color commonly known as hunter orange, which must be plainly visible from all sides. Camouflage orange garments do not meet this requirement. Exceptions to this rule include the following: Migratory game bird hunters; Archery hunting within municipal boundaries where the discharge of firearms is prohibited; hunting on federal or state land where only archery methods are allowed; hunting only on an archery permit during the Alternative Methods Portion; hunting in a county that is closed during the Antlerless Portion; and hunting small game or furbearers during the Alternative Methods Portion.


One-half hour before sunrise to sunset.


Two turkeys of either sex. Both turkeys may be taken on the same day.


Spring turkey hunting is allowed only on Conservation Department Areas that are listed in the current 2024 Spring Turkey Regulation Booklet. Please reference pages 8-15 in the booklet for information on regulations, methods, and limits for specific conservation areas. If an area that is owned or managed by the department is not listed in the booklet, then spring turkey hunting is not allowed. Click here: 2024 Spring Turkey Regulation Booklet to view the regulations. 

The following methods are prohibited for turkey hunting: use of dogs, bait, electronic calls or live decoys. Hunters also may not possess a shotgun capable of holding more than three shells in the magazine and chamber combined; shotshells loaded with shot larger than No. 4; arrows, bolts, and darts containing any drug, poison, chemical, or explosive; and electronic calls or electronically activated calls.

While in the act of pursing or hunting turkey with an atlatl, bow, or crossbow on a fall firearms permit, the possession of a firearm is prohibited (except any person may carry concealable firearms, as defined in Chapter 571, RSMo, on or about his/her person while archery hunting, and firearms possessed under this exception may not be used to take wildlife while archery hunting).