Purchasing Trees

Don't waste your time and money on inferior trees. Always plant good-quality trees from reputable nurseries and garden centers.

Buy the right tree for the site

  • Know the tree's future size, shape and overall appearance before purchase.
  • Know the tree's cultural requirements (light, shade, moisture, soil type, etc.).
  • Consult with reputable nursery owners about choosing the right tree for your site.

Look for these qualities

  • Long, vigorous branches on current year's growth, with well developed buds.
  • Pleasing proportion of height to spread. Well developed lateral branches.
  • A straight trunk with an absence of wounds.
  • Firm, moist root ball or container soil.

Transporting and storing trees

  • Keep roots moist.
  • Protect branches from windy rides in open truckbeds.
  • Plant trees as soon as possible after purchase.
  • Lift trees by their containers or root balls to avoid breaking fine roots and to protect trunks.

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