Missouri Tops in These Things from Trees

With all the talk about development of new technologies and tech businesses floating around, here’s a down-to-earth reminder that Missouri still has strong roots in the land.

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When the Ice Storm Is Over: Damaged Trees

Hope if you’re reading this during Missouri’s current ice storm that your electricity stays on to keep you safe and warm…

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Turkey at the Door

I expected to see a turkey this week, all golden brown and featherless—not a very live bird staring in the back door...

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Keeping Wildlife Outside Your House

It’s that time of year when the nights cool down and the mice, skunks, and squirrels are looking for a cozy winter home.

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Drought and Deer Disease

The coincidence of this blog and what I found on a walk along a creek where we live is quite bizarre.

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Missouri Quail Recovery - Habitat is the Key!

The simple truth is the habitat has changed and improving habitat is the key to bringing back bobwhites.

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How Old is that Quail?

Have you ever wondered how old that quail was your dog retrieved for you? This blog tell you how to determine the age.

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photo of a screech owl in a tree cavity

Fuel Now, Habitat and Timber for the Future

Choose carefully when deciding which trees to cut for fuel this season. You could be providing food and homes for wildlife while keeping your own home warm and toasty.

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