Pomme de Terre River

Pomme de Terre River originates in southwest Missouri, near Marshfield. The River flows in a northeast direction from Marshfield and originally confluenced with the Osage River southwest of Warsaw, MO. The Pomme de Terre River is now impounded as Pomme de Terre Lake just upstream of Hermitage, MO, and further downstream becomes part of Harry S. Truman Lake. Pomme de Terre Lake is a 7,820 acre (multipurpose pool) reservoir constructed and operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Pomme de Terre Dam was closed in 1961 forming the lake which contains 113 miles of shoreline. Harry S. Truman Lake was formed in 1979 with the closing of Harry S. Truman Dam. Pomme de Terre River and Little Pomme de Terre River (north) makes up one arm of this 55,600 acre (multipurpose pool) impoundment. The Pomme de Terre River watershed encompasses about 840 square miles and includes parts of six Missouri counties (Benton, Dallas, Greene, Hickory, Polk, and Webster). Major tributaries include Little Pomme de Terre River (north), Little Pomme de Terre River (south), and Lindley Creek

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