Watershed Inventory

This site has been established to provide natural resource-related information specific to Missouri's primary watersheds, especially information pertaining to the wise management of the aquatic resources. The state's watersheds are often indexed in one of two ways, either with the USGS 8-digit hydrologic unit listing or the primary watershed delineation used by the Missouri Department of Conservation. These two indexing methods differ slightly, but you will be able to find information on watersheds in the state by using either index. On this page you may select which ever index you are most comfortable with using.Map of Missouri Watersheds

  1. Big Piney River
  2. Big River
  3. Black River
  4. Blackwater River
  5. Bourbeuse River
  6. Chariton River
  7. Cuivre River
  8. Current River
  9. Eleven Point River
  10. Elk River
  11. Fabius River
  12. Fox River
  13. Gasconade River
  14. Grand River
  15. Headwater Diversion
  16. Jacks Fork River
  17. James River
  18. Lamine River
  19. Locust Creek
  20. Meramec River
  21. Mississippi River, Lower*
  22. Mississippi River, Upper*
  23. Missouri River*
    1. Crooked River
    2. Blue River
  24. Spring River, South
  25. Moreau River
  26. North Fork White River
  27. Niangua River
  28. Nodaway
  29. North River
  30. Osage River, East
  31. Osage River, West
  32. Platte River
  33. Pomme de Terre River
  34. Sac River
  35. Salt River
  36. South Grand River
  37. Spring River, Southwest
  38. St. Francis River
  39. White River
  40. Wyaconda River
  41. Cache River *
  42. Lower Kansas River *
  43. Nishnabotna River *
  44. Lower Des Moines River *
  45. Tarkio River*

Watersheds grouped by color represent the larger watershed to which they belong.
Watersheds denoted by letters represent sub-basins of watersheds immediately above.
* No Watershed Inventory and Assessment planned at this time.

In This Section

Watershed Glossary

Glossary of terms used in the watershed inventory.

United States Geological Survey

A map showing watersheds by 8 digit hydrologic units.

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