Many species of waterfowl spend at least part of their lives in the wetlands of Missouri. Most duck species nest elsewhere and migrate through Missouri in fall and winter, but several species of dabbling ducks (mallards and blue-winged teal, for example) are known to nest here in rather low numbers. The wood duck and hooded merganser, both cavity nesters, are regular nesters in Missouri. Of the geese species, only one – the Canada goose – nests with any regularity in Missouri. This section focuses on food and habitat requirements for fall-migrating waterfowl.

In This Section

Dabbling and Diving Duck Management

Ducks are divided into two primary groups (dabbling and diving ducks) according to their habits and the habitats they use.

Wood Duck Habitat Management

Suitable natural cavities are often in short supply, and several well-placed nest boxes can boost the wood duck population in your area. Learn how to construct artificial nests and where to place them.

Goose: Food Needs

Geese rely on different foods throughout the year. Learn how to attract geese to your property during both the breeding season and the winter and fall. 

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