Turkey Management


Wild Turkeys
Noppadol Paothong

Wild Turkey

A popular game bird, the wild turkey can be found in mixed forests and grasslands statewide. Turkeys are opportunistic foragers with a diverse appetite and an assortment of cover needs between seasons, giving property owners plenty of opportunity to enhance wildlife potential in their area.

In This Section

Turkey: Cover Needs

Turkeys will use different habitat types depending on the time of year and whether they are nesting or have broods. Learn how to create these types of habitats on your property.

Turkey: Food and Water Needs

Seasonal change in forage type will usually create few problems for wild turkeys because of their diverse diet. Make sure your property offers adequate food sources for wild turkeys throughout the year.

Better Turkey Habitat

When it comes to wildlife potential, having the right provisions on your land is a deciding factor. This section provides insight on building and improving turkey habitat.

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