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gray squirrel
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Eastern Gray and Fox Squirrel

The eastern gray and eastern fox squirrels are the most common members of the squirrel family living in Missouri. Although both squirrels occur throughout the state, the "grays" are more common in bottomlands and rivers with a bushy understory and the "foxes" along higher ridges. 

Squirrels rely on the right combination of trees for food, shelter, and nesting. You can increase the number of squirrels on most lands. Certain practices, such as installing den boxes, give prompt results. Others require several years to take effect.

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Squirrel: Cover Needs

Competition for dens among squirrels, owls, bees, snakes, and other cavity users is intense. Building den boxes for squirrels can have a quick and positive impact on their populations.

Squirrel: Food Needs

Good squirrel habitats have at least 50–75 trees that produce nuts, seeds, or fruits. Mature trees will increase the volume of food produced.

Better Squirrel Habitat

Want better squirrel hunting? Let your Missouri woods grow to maturity. Browse more tips for improving squirrel habitat.

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