Rabbit Management

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Cottontail rabbit sits in a clover field
An Eastern cottontail rabbit eats a clover.
photo by MDC Staff

Eastern Cottontail

The eastern cottontail rabbit, swamp rabbit, and black-tailed jackrabbit are the only three types of rabbits that live in Missouri. The cottontail is the most common and can be found throughout the state. 

Under good conditions, the cottontail's home range is often less than 5 acres. Therefore, the average-size Missouri farm and many recreational properties have plenty of room for rabbit management. 

In This Section

Rabbit: Cover Needs

Managing your land for a wide diversity of plants will ensure rabbits have plenty of good food and cover choices.

Rabbit: Food and Water Needs

Rabbits eat different plants depending on the time of year. Make sure your property offers the proper food for rabbits throughout the seasons. 

Better Rabbit Habitat

Learn to improve cottontail rabbit habitat on your Missouri land and to control wild rabbits if they become a nuisance.

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