Quail and Pheasant Management


Male bobwhite quail whistling on fencepost.
Male bobwhite quail whistling on fencepost.

Northern Bobwhite Quail     Ring-Necked Pheasant

Northern bobwhite quail are fairly common in appropriate habitats throughout Missouri. Ring-necked pheasant are found in about the northern quarter of Missouri, and in the Bootheel regions.

Both quail and pheasants are mostly seedeaters, and food is rarely a limiting factor. Landowners seeking to improve quail and pheasant habitat should focus on cover needs before increasing food provision. Quail and pheasant require escape, nesting, and brood-rearing cover throughout the year.

In This Section

Quail: Cover Needs

Quail rely on different types of cover throughout the year. Improve your property's quail population by providing escape cover, nesting cover, and brood-rearing cover.

Quail: Food and Water Needs

Make sure fall plowing on your property is not affecting food sources for quail. 

Quail Habitat Management

Follow these steps for disking and prescribed burning to ensure the best results for enhancing quail habitat on your land.

Pheasant: Cover Needs

The ability of pheasant to reach and maintain populations suitable for hunting depends greatly upon the quality and extent of existing habitat.

Pheasant: Food and Water Needs

Browse pheasant forage types by season to see what planting regimen might work best for pheasant on your land.

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