Deer Management

White-Tailed Deer

Deer live in timbered areas, especially at the borders of clearings, where they obtain the variety of foods they prefer. Deer are browsing animals and landowners who wish to increase the deer population on their property can provide this diversity of food through several techniques.

In This Section

Deer: Cover Needs

Dense vegetation is an important component of deer habitat. Learn how to provide fawns, bedding, and escape cover for deer on your property.

Deer: Food and Water Needs

Deer do not predominately eat one food throughout the year, instead their diet is determined by plant availability, nutritional content, and seasonal nutritional requirements. 

Better Deer Habitat

Browse tips for increasing and managing deer on your property.

Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP)

The Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) enables landowners to achieve local deer management goals through additional antlerless deer harvest opportunities.

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