Habitat Management

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Cropland Management

These cropland management practices can help you maximize production while providing essential wildlife habitat.

Grassland Management

Many species of wildlife use grasslands for food, cover, and nesting. The greater prairie chicken, upland sandpiper, and meadowlark are but a few of the many species that are almost totally dependent on open grasslands for their habitat requirements.

Forest and Woodland Management

Missouri's wooded areas provide essential habitat areas for a variety of wildlife species. 

Wetland Management

Natural wetlands used to dominate the floodplains and river deltas in Missouri. Many of these wetlands have been cleared and drained for agricultural use. Browse tips on how to restore and develop new wetlands.

Managing Unique Habitats

Nearly every property has some land that is unsuitable for cultivation, grazing, or haying due to its steepness, soil type, wetness, or small size.

Country Land Care Packet

Our habitat, forest, pond and grassland management booklets help you improve your Missouri rural land for all kinds of wildlife, fishing, grazing and timber.

Pond & Stream Care

Make the most of your private Missouri lake, stream or ponds. Learn best practices for building near Missouri streams, stabilizing stream banks, and sustainable sand and gravel removal.

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