Community Conservation Cost Share

The Department’s Community Conservation Cost-share Program promotes sustainable development practices and the establishment of natural resource conservation practices in urban and developing areas.

Eligible Groups

Eligible applicants include (1) government entities (e.g., municipal and county parks departments, schools), or (2) non-profit corporations.

Eligible property includes lands in public ownership or open to the public. Private property is only eligible when another partner(s) is providing at least a 1:1 cash match or when the private property extends or connects projects on public land by providing stormwater conveyance, habitat connectivity, or other public benefits.

Eligible Practices

Cost-share is authorized for activities such as urban green space planning, engineered drawings, etc. In addition, practices eligible for cost-share include native prairie restorations, forest and woodland management, tree plantings, pollinator plantings and invasive species control.

Funding Amounts

Cost-share for entities is authorized at 50–75% of the actual project cost. Total landowner or community payment shall not exceed $15,000/project/year. Municipalities over 100,000 in population are eligible for $15,000 per 50,000 in population with no single project to exceed $15,000.

Application Process

Grant applications are available in June annually, and applications are evaluated quarterly. Due to limited funding, applications are funded on a first-come, first-served basis. Find your local Department contact.

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