Community Archery Grant (CAG)

Community Archery Grants broaden the availability of conservation opportunities to the citizens of Missouri by helping communities develop or increase activity in recreational archery shooting within their city, town, or county.

Eligible Groups

Eligible applicants include:

  • Counties
  • Cities or municipalities
  • Departments of Parks and/or Recreation
  • Organizations
  • Clubs
  • Universities and colleges that allow public access to the facilities

Eligible Practices

  1. Approved backstops and archery targets for prescribed shooting activities on a particular range.
  2. Target stand construction or replacement.
  3. Earthwork, grading, landscaping, seed, etc. to improve or construct a community archery range.
  4. Archery equipment and/or materials to be used in public educational programs.
  5. Design or architectural work for new or existing archery ranges.
  6. Staff training and certification fees.

Funding Amounts

This is a reimbursement grant for up to $5000.

Application Process

  1. Contact the Department Education and Outreach Coordinator (EOC) to apply at
  2. Funding shall be provided during the Department’s fiscal year beginning July 1, and ending June 30.

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