Community Conservation

Benefits of Nature

Restoration of nature in cities is as much about people as it is about nature. Studies show social, health, economic and environmental benefits.

Social Benefits

  • Improves mode, concentration and self-discipline
  • Reduces tension and violence
  • Fosters social connections

Health Benefits

  • Cools, reducing heat stress and heat-related illnesses
  • Filters air pollutants, reducing cold and asthma
  • Promotes exercise and reduces obesity

Environmental Benefits

  • Improves air quality (and improves health)
  • Manages stormwater
  • Supports wildlife

Economic Benefits

  • Leads to new training and employment opportunities
  • Attracts investment and invigorates local economies
  • Raises property values

In This Section

Community Conservation Funding Opportunity

The Community Conservation Grant Program offers a funding opportunity to support partner-led habitat improvement projects in the St. Louis and Southwest regions.

Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance (TRIM) Grant

Get up to $10,000 to manage, improve, or conserve your Missouri community's trees. Deadline is June 2.

Tree City USA

Every community can benefit from caring for their publicly owned trees and achieving Tree City USA certification. Find out how to participate.

Conservation Planning Tools for Missouri Communities (pdf, 3 MB)

Download this 108-page overview of the planning tools that you can use to transform your jurisdiction into a conservation community.

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