Grazing with Wildlife Management

For optimal livestock gains, plant 20–30 percent of grazing land to native warm-season grasses. Because their growth points occur higher up the stem, native warm-season grasses should not be grazed lower than 6–8 inches. As a general rule, these grasses can be grazed from around early May through mid-September in southern Missouri. In northern Missouri, the dates in general are from mid-May through early September. Do not graze grasses to ground level. Stop grazing these grasses several weeks before they go dormant, so they can build up root reserves before winter and maintain a vigorous growth capability the following year.

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Native Warm-Season Grass Pastures

Add native warm-season grasses to your Missouri pastures to improve summer livestock forage and wildlife habitat.

Prairie for Hay and Wildlife

Browse management points for better Missouri prairie hay and wildlife habitat.

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