Whether you're managing for wildlife or livestock, you can improve your Missouri grasslands for better recreation, aesthetics and profitability. These topics show you how.

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Disking for Wildlife

Improve your Missouri farm's wildlife habitat by disking strips through a field during fall or spring.

Green Browse Food Plots

This page describes how to establish grass-and-legume food plots to attract wildlife to your Missouri property.

Establishing Food Plots

Food plots will supplement natural forage, serving as a reserve for wildlife when other food supplies run short.

Sunflowers for Wildlife

Learn how to plant large sunflower fields for wildlife on your Missouri property.

Tall Fescue Control

Learn to identify and control this invasive grass on your Missouri property.

Taking a Soil Sample

The reliability of a soil test is only as good as the sample you submitBrowse these tips for collecting a representative soil sample of your property. 


Windbreaks can improve wildlife habitat as well as reduce heating bills, provide protection from high winds and snow, and enhance landscape aesthetics. 

Grazing with Wildlife Management

For optimal livestock gains, plant 20–30 percent of grazing land to native warm-season grasses.

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CRP Grassland Care for Bobwhite Quail

Use mid-contract management practices and other wildlife enhancements to maintain the overall best-habitat conditions for quail and other wildlife on CRP fields.

Country Land Care Packet

Our habitat, forest, pond and grassland management booklets help you improve your Missouri rural land for all kinds of wildlife, fishing, grazing and timber.

Prescribed Fire

The careful use of prescribed fire can actually improve your Missouri woods and wildlife habitat, as well as protect life and property. 

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