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Flooding at Columbia Bottom CA
Columbia Bottom Conservation Area in Spanish Lake has been flooded since March of this year. Due to extraordinary flooding conditions, MDC crews were not able to plant any sunflowers plots for viewing or dove management this season.

Flooding prevents sunflower plantings at Columbia Bottom Conservation Area

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St. Louis
Aug 02, 2019

SPANISH LAKE, Mo. — Staff at the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) Columbia Bottom Conservation Area (CA) in Spanish Lake will not be able to plant sunflowers this year for viewing or dove management due to extraordinary flooding conditions this past spring and summer. Columbia Bottom CA has spent substantial periods under water since March of this year.  This has made it impossible to plant or maintain any sunflower plots, as has been done in previous years.

The area is still currently closed.  As soon as the water has completely receded, work crews have assessed damage, and enacted repairs and cleanup, the area will reopen to public access.

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