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prothonotary warbler
Learn about the neotropical migrant birds who’ll be flying through Missouri this spring, like this prothonotary warbler. MDC is holding a free Virtual Spring Warbler Identification program Tuesday, April 13 from 6:30-8 p.m.

Discover who’s passing through at MDC’s Virtual Spring Warbler ID program April 13

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St. Louis
Apr 01, 2021

St. LOUIS, Mo.—Spring is finally here, and none could be happier than neotropical birds. It’s the time of year when they fly thousands of miles north to reach they’re breeding grounds, so they can raise and rear their young.

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) wants to introduce you to these avian visitors as they travel through the Show-Me-State this spring. Join MDC naturalists for a Virtual Spring Warbler Identification program Tuesday, April 13 from 6:30-8 p.m. This is a free online program open to all ages.

Bird lovers will learn about both the common and rare warblers that call Missouri home, even if only for migration. MDC naturalists will delve into identification of birds by both sight and sound. The program will also offer ideas on where to go to see these beautiful birds.

Some of the birds covered will include the northern parula, black and white warbler, yellow-throated warbler, prothonotary warbler, cerulean warbler, Louisiana waterthrush and others. In addition to identification, participants will discover facts about these birds’ migratory patterns and timing, and where they overwinter. The program will also cover which species breed in Missouri, and which ones just move through.

The Virtual Spring Warbler Identification is a free program; however, advanced online registration is required at Attendees will receive an invite email with the link approximately 24 hours prior to the event. Please check junk mail/spam folders if you do not receive the link.

This ID program will be followed by a limited in-person warbler hike on Wednesday, April 28, for which separate registration is required.

MDC offers many free educational programs in the St. Louis region to help people discover nature, fishing, hunting, and the outdoors. Stay informed by going to the MDC St. Louis reginal events page at

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