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Black River


Within the wing walls of Clearwater Dam:
No fishing is allowed.

Within 700 feet below the spillway walls of Clearwater Dam:
Trotlines, throwlines, limb lines, bowfishing, gigging and atlatls are prohibited.

Crane Creek


In Stone and Lawrence counties:

The use of porous-soled waders is prohibited.
While on any waters with length limits, all trout you possess must be kept with head, tail, and skin intact.

In Stone and Lawrence counties upstream from Quail Spur Crossing on Stone County Road 13-195 - 8 miles

Blue Ribbon Trout Area - see restrictions below

Area Type

Blue Ribbon Trout Area

Blue Ribbon Trout Area
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Blue Ribbon Trout Area
Area Information

Harvest is limited to maintain the maximum density of adult trout, create excellent catch-and-release fishing, and provide the occasional chance to harvest a trophy. These areas on the Current and North Fork of the White rivers are stocked with brown trout, and the Eleven Point River is stocked with rainbows.

Area Restrictions

Length Limit: At least 18"
Daily Limit: 1
Authorized Lures: Artificial lures and flies

Only flies and artificial lures may be used, and soft plastic baits and natural and scented baits are prohibited when fishing for any species.
Gigging, bowfishing and using an atlatl are prohibited, and fish taken by these methods may not be possessed on these waters or their banks.

Mark Twain Lake


Length limits: Black bass: minimum 15”
Blue and flathead catfish: minimum 26"

Daily limit: Crappie: 15

Mississippi River (upper)


This area encompasses the Mississippi River, including

  • Pools 20-26,

Mississippi River, including Pools 20-26
Paddlefish—The open season is March 15 through May 15 and Sept. 15 through Dec. 15.
Nongame fish—Snagging, snaring and grabbing are allowed from March 15 through May 15 and from Sept. 15 through Dec. 15.

Daily limits:
Channel catfish and blue catfish—The daily and possession limit is 20, combined total of these species.
Flathead catfish—The daily and possession limit is 10 fish.
Walleye and sauger—The daily and possession limit is 8, combined total of both species.
White bass, yellow bass, striped bass and their hybrids—The daily and possession limit is 30, combined total of these species.
Nongame fish—The daily and possession limit is 100, combined total of these species, except that bighead carp, common carp, goldfish, grass carp and silver carp may be taken and possessed in any number.

Length limits:
Black bass—minimum 12”
Walleye and sauger—None
White bass, yellow bass, striped bass and their hybrids—None

Allowed methods:
Nongame fish may be taken by bow and possessed at any hour of the day in all flowing portions, except in Sand Chute below the mouth of the Salt River in Pike County where they may only be taken by bow from sunrise to midnight.
Limit of 2 poles per licensed angler
Limit of 50 hooks on a trotline

Norfork Lake



Daily limit:
Catfish (channel, blue and flathead): 10, combined total of these species
Crappie: 15

Length limit:
Black bass: minimum 15” on largemouth and smallmouth bass; minimum 12” on spotted bass
Crappie: minimum 10”

On the lake and its tributaries:

Daily limit:
Striped Bass: only 3 striped bass may be included in the aggregate.

Length limit:
Walleye and sauger: minimum 18”
Striped Bass: minimum 20”
White bass, yellow bass, or their hybrids: none

Salt River


On the Clarence Cannon Reregulation Pool within 400 feet below Clarence Cannon Dam in the no-boating zone:
No fishing is allowed.

From the downstream end of the no-fishing zone below Clarence Cannon Dam to the posted power line crossing on the Clarence Cannon Reregulation Pool:
Allowed methods: Pole and line fishing only.

From the Clarence Cannon Reregulation Pool below Mark Twain Lake dam
Length limit: Black bass—minimum 12”

From all adjoining backwaters and from the main channel beginning 1,000 feet below the Clarence Cannon Reregulation Pool Dam to Route A:
Allowed methods: Fishing by pole and line and bow only