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Photo of several reddening lepiota mushrooms, one showing gills and stem ring.

Reddening Lepiota

Leucoagaricus americanus (Lepiota americana)
The reddening lepiota is a large, reddish brown mushroom with a scaly cap and a ring on the stalk; it bruises dark red. It grows singly or in clusters in mulch piles, waste areas, and around stumps.

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Photo of resinous polypore, a bracket fungus with rust-colored top

Resinous Polypore

Ischnoderma resinosum
The resinous polypore is a large, thick, velvety, brownish bracket fungus with a thick margin and whitish pores. It grows on logs and stumps of deciduous trees.

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Photo of young, golden cluster of ringless honey mushrooms on forest floor

Ringless Honey Mushroom

Armillaria tabescens (Armillariella tabescens)
The ringless honey mushroom is honey-colored, with a dry, scaly cap, and lacks a ring on the stalk. It grows in clusters at the bases of trees or stumps, especially of oaks, and over buried wood.

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Photo of rooted collybia, tan, thin-stalked gilled mushroom

Rooted Collybia

Xerula furfuracea (Collybia radicata var. furfuracea)
The rooted collybia has a moist, wrinkled, grayish brown flat cap and a long, slender stalk that continues underground. It grows singly or scattered on and around deciduous trees and stumps.

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Photo of uprooted rooting polypore mushroom on pavement, showing cap.

Rooting Polypore

Polyporus radicatus
The rooting polypore has a scruffy, tough, yellowish-brown cap with whitish-yellow pores, and a stalk with a long, black, rootlike filament. It usually grows singly, on the ground near stumps or attached to buried roots.

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Photo of a scarlet cup mushroom growing on fallen sticks

Scarlet Cup

Sarcoscypha dudleyi
The scarlet cup is small, red, and usually stalkless, with a white outer surface. It grows on fallen wet sticks and branches in damp deciduous woods.

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Photo of scarlet waxy cap, a small mushroom with reddish conical cap

Scarlet Waxy Cap

Hygrocybe coccinea (Hygrophorous coccineus)
The scarlet waxy cap has a scarlet, moist cap, with a stem colored like the cap (or a little more orange). It grows on the ground in mixed woods.

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Photo of shaggy mane cluster, rounded cylindrical mushrooms growing in grass

Shaggy Mane

Coprinus comatus
The shaggy mane has a white, shaggy, cylindrical cap that turns black and inky. It often grows in large numbers along roadsides and in lawns and disturbed areas.

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Photo of silvery-violet cort, a gray, gilled mushroom, dug up and lying on grass

Silvery-Violet Cort

Cortinarius alboviolaceus
The silvery-violet cort has a dry, grayish violet cap, pale violet gills, a club-shaped stalk, and a cobwebby partial veil. It's found in mixed woods, singly or in groups of many.

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Photo of smooth chanterelles, vase-shaped yellow and white mushrooms

Smooth Chanterelle

Cantharellus lateritius
The smooth chanterelle has a bright orange to yellow cap, wavy margins, and is smooth on the underside. It grows singly or in large groups in the soil.

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