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Image of a flier sunfish


Centrarchus macropterus
Found in Missouri's southeastern lowland swamps. Most similar in appearance to crappie, but the flier has 10-13 dorsal spines. Deep-bodied and saucer-shaped. Generally olive-green to brassy in color.

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Image of a freshwater drum fish

Freshwater Drum

Aplodinotus grunniens
The freshwater drum is a silvery, deep-bodied fish. The head and body slope upward from the snout to the dorsal fins and give the fish a distinct humpbacked appearance. The dorsal fin is long and is divided into two distinct parts.

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Gizzard Shad

Gizzard Shad

Dorosoma cepedianum
One of the most common and abundant fish in Missouri and an important prey for most game fish.

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Image of a golden redhorse fish

Golden Redhorse

Moxostoma erythrurum
The golden redhorse is a smaller-bodied sucker with large scales and a short dorsal fin. The lower lip is broken into parallel folds, and the rear margin of the lower lip forms a V-shaped angle.

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Image of a golden shiner

Golden Shiner

Notemigonus crysoleucas
Deep-bodied minnow, back greenish-olive with a faint dusky stripe along the midline. Sides are golden or silvery, and the belly is silvery white. Has a fleshy “keel” along midline of the belly from the anus forward to the pelvic fin bases.

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Goldstripe Darter

Etheostoma parvipinne
One of the rarest darters in our state, the endangered goldstripe has exacting habitat requirements: It needs small, shallow, shaded, spring-fed streams with clear water and a low to moderate gradient. What it doesn’t need is siltation, pollution, channel restriction and removal of the tree canopy above!

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Image of grass carp

Grass Carp

Ctenopharyngodon idella
Grass carp are large-bodied with a broad head and a terminal, transverse mouth. Both dorsal and anal fins lack spines at the leading edge. The scales appear cross-hatched.

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Color illustration of grass pickerel, a long, narrow fish

Grass Pickerel

Esox americanus
The most common and widely distributed pike in Missouri is also the smallest. Adults seldom exceed 10 or 12 inches in length.

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Image of green sunfish

Green Sunfish

Lepomis cyanellus
Th green sunfish is thick-bodied with a large mouth. The upper jaw extends to about the middle of the eye. The back and sides are bluish green, grading to pale yellow or white on the belly.

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Image of a greenside darter fish

Greenside Darter

Etheostoma blennioides
Olive to yellow sides and back with scattered red spots and vertical blotches often arranged in a V or W pattern. Breeding males have bright blue-green on head and lower fins and green vertical bars. Second largest Missouri darter in size next to the logperch.

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